Our mission is to assist companies embracing technologies and help people reach their full potential to drive a successful business.

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Who is Axentys ?

Axentys is a Belgian integrator of technology-based business solutions that span the enterprise, including hardware supply, data center and lines of business. Built on products and services from the world’s top technology companies, our solutions are installed, configured and supported by our dedicated team.

With the right people and the right partners, Axentys focuses on solutions that will help you empower your employees, optimize your IT, secure it all, and transform your business.

Since its founding in 2011, Axentys has grown his expertise on cloud technologies offering the most flexible, solid and secure solution supporting business’s needs. Today, Axentys offers integrated, multivendor technology solutions that meet the requirements of small and medium businesses in Belgium and abroad.

Our Vision. Empower People.

The world has changed. The way we live, work and play is changing.

Today, people and organization are facing new challenges in this world of changes where technologies may bring us
new capabilities and help us pushes back our limits every single day.

Our Value


We strongly believe that the most valuable asset in an organization are people. As technology expert, we are there to assist people to get the most out of technologies. Even if most of our time we are dealing with computers, we always keep in mind that at the end it should serve a person which is completely change the way we do our work. Human to human relation must be always first!


We are passionate for technologies and how it can make people’s life easier. This passion make us truly love our job. We always want to know more, learn more, try more, to build the solution for tomorrow. Technology is going faster and faster, it’s changing everyday which make our job so exciting.

Commitment to excellence

Details are making a huge difference between a good and an excellent service. Every single day, we try to become a better version of our self to keep providing the best in class experience to our customers. We encourage our people to commit for a state of art work by always thinking beyond and challenge the status quo.


Trust is the foundation of every relationship. Technologies may sometimes be very obscure which make the trust one of the most important factor in our relation. We believe that transparency is key in a trusted relation so that’s the reason why we always try to keep things simple, clear and understandable by everyone. Things are always easier when everyone is playing an open game.